Travel Policy is universally recognised as a key building block to having a best-in-class corporate travel program.
In an ever-developing business travel industry, one thing that remains constant is the Corporate Travel Policy.

No matter the geographical location, number of travellers or size of a company’s travel spend, companies wishing to effectively manage their staff travel know that they cannot do so without the cornerstone of managed travel – The Travel Policy.

This Workshop is run over one full day and includes the following modules:

  • Travel Policy Overview
  • Developing a best-in-class Travel Policy
  • Implementing and Managing a best-in-class Travel Policy


Upon the successful completion of this Workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the key goals of a Travel Policy
  • Assess the suitability of their current Travel Policy and, if required re-design it from the beginning
  • Understand the relevance of Travel Policy within their organisation
  • Create policy points more aligned with corporate objectives
  • Create a more usable Travel Policy, with better support from internal stakeholders
  • Understand the correlation between Travel Policy strength and compliance to identify the ‘sweet spot’ to deliver best value for their company
  • Understand how to measure the effectiveness and performance of their Travel Policy
  • Ensure that all key policy components are included, in a straight forward and future-proof manner
  • Improve the clarity and remove the ambiguity in their Travel Policy
  • Understand how to develop reporting to measure the effectiveness of their travel program, with ‘early warning systems’ of failing policy points
  • Develop better supplier relationships and ultimately reduce price with key travel suppliers
  • Understand the important of benchmarking their Travel Policy against spend and industry peers, and know how to do it


Nina & Pinta Certificate of Achievement and Continued Professional Development (CPD) points awarded on the successful completion of the Workshop.

Any individuals who are responsible for sourcing, managing or buying company travel including:

  • Travel Managers
  • Travel Buyers
  • Travel Bookers & Co-ordinators
  • Finance and Procurement professionals
  • Strategic Sourcing Managers


To view all upcoming Nina & Pinta Industry Workshops, please view our calendar here.
Alternatively, instead of waiting for the next one, consider hosting this as an in-house Workshop for your travel team on a date that suits you best.  Click here to send us an email for more information.

Fees vary from $135 to $190 per person depending on the number of learners in attendance.
In-house training is billed on a daily rate of $ 1 900.00 per day.
For more information about Workshop fees, please click here to send us an email.

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