lifesaver-933560_1280Operating in silos no longer appears to be an option in a world where current events render what we previously perceived as “safe” areas of travel to be “at risk”. The truth today is that all travel is a risk, nowhere is “low risk”, and that safety is everybody’s responsibility.

Little wonder then that risk management is rated among travel managers as their greatest priority, but all too often they do not have the direct responsibility for it.

Rather, the responsibility lies across several departments and a company’s duty of care and traveller risk thus has to be linked to the operations of several departments and the overall insurance protocols of an organisation.

We often see in less mature markets that these departments do not engage with each other and in times when a prompt response is vital, precious time can be wasted between the different departments before a traveller can benefit from a coordinated response and assistance.

In today’s turbulent corporate travel environment, it is simply not enough to have traveller insurance or a 24-hour number for travellers to call when trouble strikes.  What measures are being taken to track your travellers? How are your travellers equipped to deal with emergency situations?

To break down these silos means travel managers need to enhance and employ their lobbying efforts to ensure they emerge “on the radar” of other departments that make decisions around insurance and protocols to protect their employees who are travelling to further a company’s best interests.

These all-important lobbying skills, which Nina & Pinta can help travel managers acquire and enhance, are vital as they are forced to step forward and elevate their role within an organisation to ensure stakeholders, who make the critical decisions around risk management, do so with travel in mind.

And the next step in that journey will be involving all stakeholders across the organisation in how to achieve the delicate balance between ensuring the safety of travellers, while still respecting their right to privacy.

Can you lobby for a seat at the table? Or are you already sitting there? Have you managed to merge silos for the benefit of travellers? We would love to hear how your organisation is driving practical risk management strategies across departments.