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Nina & Pinta has developed a series of training modules designed for individuals working within the corporate travel environment.

Our online modules are continually being added to and offer training in Sales, Procurement, Operations and Customer Service allowing individuals who are not able to attend industry workshops to still benefit from the training.

Through the Nina & Pinta online learning platform, individuals can quickly and easily gain access to a wide variety of certified training modules, absorb the content in their own time, and then automatically print their Certificates upon the successful completion of the Learner Assessments.

Module content is designed to work for individuals wishing to brush up on a specific subject, or there are also combination courses available for more in-depth learning.

Each module has an introductory overview that is free of charge for everyone and if you would like to benefit from the full module, this can be done online, via Paypal.


Claudia Unger has also published a book for anyone wishing to understand Corporate Travel.  Corporate Travel as an industry has not been effectively researched and prioritised and needs to make its way up the academic agenda.  Few people outside of the industry realise its economic importance Рand size.

This book is a ‘must have’ for any person currently working within the Corporate Travel Industry and is a first step to close a gap that has been left open for too long.

Please visit our online learning store for more information on the courses and resources available.

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