Monique Swart

What we love about Monique:

Monique is known for opening new markets for travel education and building local communities within the markets of Africa & the Middle East. She is able to see challenges in a neutral way, acting as a facilitator and moderator of industry affairs. Globally known as the “go to” person for all travel industry solutions in Africa and a firm advocate for “grass root” issues, she is passionate about the importance of education in emerging markets and ensuring that Africa and the Middle East build their industry as global beacons of best practice for customer service and fulfillment.

Monique began her career in the Travel Industry as part of the team that launched ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives) into the South African market in June 1999.

Following the success of the launch and the rapid growth of ACTE in the region, Monique was responsible for opening a permanent ACTE office and managing the Association’s operations in South Africa.

Monique went on to run the daily operations including the Education and Training Agenda through to Event Management, Marketing, Business Development and Finance.

In 2006, Monique (in association with Jo Lloyd of Nina & Pinta) was instrumental in the strategic expansion of the Association into the emerging markets in Africa, putting together the first events in the region in Nigeria, with training and education being the prime focus.

Following the success of this expansion, Monique and Jo collaborated once again in the Middle East working closely with the local industry developing a programme to support local Agencies with the knowledge and skills required to enable the transition from Travel Agency to TMC, following the removal of commission in their market.

In 2010, Monique launched ABTA (African Business Travel Association) in order to focus on building a training platform for the advancement of the fast growing corporate travel industry throughout Africa.

Through the strategic partnership between ABTA and Nina & Pinta, Monique now operates regular networking events and training workshops in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Angola and her home market of South Africa.

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