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2020 the year that everything changed. It’s almost difficult to remember how it was pre-COVID. Frequent business travel, airports, conferences, trade shows, hotels, team meetings, dinners and so much more. Zoom was a way of focussing your camera and Lockdown was a way of securing resources. Our industry has been hit harder than most – the human cost has been intense – the economic impact long lasting. We may never return to business travel the way it was. Many of us realise that things had to change but the cost of this change has left permanent scars across our communities and businesses. 

As we draw to the end of 2020 hope is rekindled with the release and approval of multiple vaccines and a growing sense that we can start to chart our way out of this global crisis. At Nina & Pinta we have been reflecting on the last 12 months and started to forecast how a return to travel might emerge. By plotting vaccine deployment against key markets and supplier networks we believe we can start with some certainty to see a potential path back to a measure of business return. 

The journey ahead will not be easy and we will see more casualties across our industry in the next 12-18 months. Certainly talk of this being a ‘pause’, ‘break’ or ‘interruption’ seems optimistic. By applying realistic principles and harnessing the opportunities of a transitional landscape now we can ensure a more sustainable and diverse business travel industry for us as we emerge into a post-COVID world in early 2023. 

To share in our perspective you can view a sample of our thinking here : We offer this to you in slide format and encourage you to share and discuss with colleagues and partners. We would love to hear your feedback, insights and comments. If you would like a member of the team to present these slides to you or your colleagues let us know. 
In the meantime it only remains to wish you all a happy, safe, peaceful and joyful festive season – see you (LIVE) in 2021 !!!

The Nina & Pinta team