The potential benefits are large; the cost is not!

Building a dynamic hotel program brings maximum value to your program! We help our customers to transition to a dynamic hotel program and then support them in optimizing it throughout the year. This allows a corporation to ensure that they are getting the most value from their hotel program regardless of
the volatility of the market!

Building a blended dynamic hotel program:
  • optimize your hotel program with a blend of fixed rates and dynamic discounts. Using city caps, target rates and preferred hotels allows you to build a hotel program that is responsive to market and keeps your value return below the market pricing.
Using TripBAM technology:
  • Using the tools at our disposal allows us to maximise the benefit of the hotel
    program not only through the sourcing, but also the ongoing management of the program. If you are a Tripbam customer, using tools like rate reshopping and smart share shift allows us to customize a program and deepen the savings potential for every customer to get the most out of their hotel program.
Real time market benchmarking:
  • Benchmarking is key for measuring the value of the program on an
    ongoing basis. Using benchmarking that measures current bookings, not historical data allows us to adapt and modify your hotel program in real time for maximum savings opportunity.
Avoid expensive RFP Processes:
  • A dynamic program ensures long term relationships that are continually
    sourced and managed. Your program stays as dynamic as your business working with evergreen contracts and adjusting as you go.
N&P Consultant Expertise:
  • We are with you from beginning to end. It begins with the transition to a
    dynamic program – sourcing and implementation and continues with regular program reviews throughout the year providing detailed benchmark data and the full confidence of a best in class, data-driven hotel program.

Now is the time to explore this new hotel sourcing program.

How does it work?

You do not need to be a Tripbam customer althought his will give extra functionality.

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