Corporate Travel Managers can sometimes find it tough to get the right level of buy in from Management and Travellers when trying to manage a corporate travel programme.

This can often be tied to the fact that few Travel Managers have received formalised training and recognition in the field of Corporate Travel Management.

This Workshop will assist Travel Managers to elevate their roles within their organisations by providing end-to-end Corporate Travel Management training.

This Workshop is run for 3 days over a 3 month period and includes the following modules:

  • An Overview of the Corporate Travel Industry
  • The Historical drivers of Managed Travel
  • Travel Policy and Programme Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Management
  • Data & Reporting
  • Travel Technology
  • Risk, Safety & Duty of Care
  • Industry Trends, Challenges and Disruptors
  • The Corporate Travel Management Toolbox – Putting it all together in a managed Travel Programme


Upon the successful completion of this Workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the Corporate Travel Industry in relation to leisure travel, history of the industry, Stakeholders and the flow of money, Travel as a business enabler
  • Better position Corporate Travel within the Global environment
  • Understand the evolution of travel and the Corporate Travel Industry w.r.t to safety and technology
  • Understand how travel is managed, the travel management life cycle and phases of a business trip
  • Work with different types of Travel Policies, determining which fits their company and putting it together
  • Define the objectives of a Travel Policy and objectives of the various stakeholders involved
  • Improve Stakeholder Management and ways to engage with them to drive change
  • Understand the travellers role within a managed Travel Programme and Traveller Compliance
  • Understand how to selecting, engage and negotiate with preferred travel partners and become a preferred client
  • Better manage the use of Service level agreements to elevate the Travel Programme
  • Understand the uses of Data as well as where and how to find data and turn it into intelligent reporting
  • Get to grips with benchmarking their Travel Programme to ensure peak performance
  • Understand the various travel technologies in the market – pre, during and post trip
  • Strategically determine the best types of travel technology for their company’s requirements
  • Identify and minimise the risks within their travel programmes in order to elevate Duty of Care
  • Identify current industry trends and disruptors and strategies for either mitigating them or incorporating them within a managed travel programme
  • Better manage travel over peak times and forecast travel challenges
  • Put together their Corporate Travel Management ToolBox in order to create and manage an effective Corporate Travel Programme


Nina & Pinta Certificate of Achievement and Continued Professional Development (CPD) points awarded on the successful completion of the Workshop.

Any individuals who are responsible for sourcing, managing or buying company travel including:

  • Travel Managers
  • Travel Buyers
  • Travel Bookers & Co-ordinators
  • Finance and Procurement professionals
  • Strategic Sourcing Managers


To view all upcoming Nina & Pinta Industry Workshops, please view our calendar here.
Alternatively, instead of waiting for the next one, consider hosting this as an in-house Workshop for your travel team on a date that suits you best.  Click here to send us an email for more information.

Fees vary from $650 to $800 per person depending on the number of learners in attendance.
In-house training is billed on a daily rate of $ 1 900.00 per day.
For more information about Workshop fees, please click here to send us an email.

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