This is a Workshop for new hires into the Corporate Travel Industry including Corporate Travel Co-ordinators, Managers or Buyers.  New hires within the TMC and Supplier sectors will also benefit from this Workshop in better understanding the Corporate Travel Industry as s whole, as well as what drives their clients and how their clients manage company travel.

The Workshop provides an overview of corporate travel, what’s happening in the industry today, who the key players are, how pricing and distribution works, where the travel program and policy fit in, and finally, how the traveller travels for business purpose (as well as how much influence they have on travel decisions).

This Workshop is run over one full day and includes the following modules:

  • An Introduction to Corporate Travel
  • The Client Side: Managing Corporate Travel
  • The Corporate Traveller
  • The Future of Corporate Travel


Upon the successful completion of this Workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Assess the scope of the corporate travel market and argue its importance in front of a senior management team
  • Understand how the past influences corporate travel today
  • Learn the structure of the corporate travel industry and how to influence key stakeholders for support with different projects
  • Understand the value of Travel Policy, as well as practical application of creating Travel Policy
  • Build successful Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure Travel Policy
  • Think about and create a travel program, considering company culture and the ability to innovate and progress in future
  • Identify opportunities to enhance a travel programme and thereby increase compliance
  • Understand the role of the traveller within the corporate travel environment
  • Identify differences to the leisure environment and why it’s important to look at both
  • Develop practical skills to support travelers with their trips, while promoting and explaining the benefits of the travel program
  • Practically apply strategies for every-day situations based on procurement principles and priorities
  • Discuss with others the current situation in corporate travel and work on prioritizing trends


Nina & Pinta Certificate of Achievement and Continued Professional Development (CPD) points awarded on the successful completion of the Workshop.

Any individuals who are newly employed within the Corporate Travel Industry including:

  • Travel Co-ordinators
  • Travel Managers and Buyers
  • Travel Consultants and Service Representives


To view all upcoming Nina & Pinta Industry Workshops, please view our calendar here.
Alternatively, instead of waiting for the next one, consider hosting this as an in-house Workshop for your  team on a date that suits you best.  Click here to send us an email for more information.

Fees vary from $135 to $190 per person depending on the number of learners in attendance.
In-house training is billed on a daily rate of $ 1 900.00 per day.
For more information about Workshop fees, please click here to send us an email.

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