Business Travel in Middle East & Africa

Helping the Emerging Markets Operate within a Managed Travel Environment

The emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East operate in a highly commoditised consumer environment with the majority of the population having access to the latest in smart phone technology.

However in the business travel world, organisations are facing the same challenges the more established markets faced when travel programmes were developing and becoming standard practice. Except now, the travellers and consumers in these markets have far more technology at their disposal.

Companies are defining their service propositions and delivery to meet the expectations of their Global Travel Partners – whether they are Corporate Headquarters or Alliance Network Partners.

Nina & Pinta is passionate about working within these markets, sharing best practice across the industry sectors through strategic consulting and accredited training programmes.

Our services are tailored to individual customer needs – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Emerging Markets in Africa & the Middle East

Business Travel in Africa

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