About us

We are subject matter experts in the field of corporate travel and expense management.  We help to build sustainable businesses that can adapt and evolve through strategic consulting and accredited training. Nina & Pinta is unique in that we offer both strategic consulting and facilitated learning in the field of business travel.  Our ability to deliver global market intelligence, combined with our collective expertise is unparalleled. We are subject matter experts – and our subject is corporate travel and expense management!

Meet the Nina & Pinta management team

Jo Lloyd

What we love about Jo:

Jo is known for being an industry connector with a strong global network.  Her interpersonal skills and “match making” abilities connect people together and help to develop new markets.  Operating at all levels from across the industry Jo is known as a sales strategist with a proven track record in implementing these strategies internationally. 

Her people skills make Jo a strong project manager and with the benefit of having worked and lived across the globe, she has a unique perspective on the travel industry and its challenges. 

Jo is a straight talker who can cut through to the heart of the issue and has the ability to engage people in a cross functional environment in order to deliver the desired goals.


Tel: +44 (0)7730 038887 / +27 (0)63 0244930 

Monique Swart

What we love about Monique:

Monique is known for opening new markets for travel education and building local communities within the markets of Africa & the Middle East. She is able to see challenges in a neutral way, acting as a facilitator and moderator of industry affairs.

Globally known as the “go to” person for all travel industry solutions in Africa and a firm advocate for “grass root” issues, she is passionate about the importance of education in emerging markets and ensuring that Africa and the Middle East build their industry as global beacons of best practice for customer service and fulfillment.


Tel: +27 (0)83 6792110

Bradley Seitz

What we love about Brad:

Brad has over 40 years business experience, the last 20 of which has been spent within the corporate travel industry. Since graduate school, Brad’s interest has always been the dynamics of business – from finance to marketing to sales – understanding and being involved with the various aspects of business.

When asked on his goals, Brad will say his goal is to deliver 100% satisfaction to all customers, always being honest and having a good time at everything he does!

Brad brings a depth of subject matter knowledge combined with an enthusiasm for the travel industry and a charm that our clients really enjoy working with.

Mail to: bradley.seitz@ninaandpinta.com

Tel: +1 207 318 1852

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