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We are subject matter experts in corporate travel and expense management. We help to build sustainable businesses that can adapt and evolve through strategic consulting and accredited training.

Nina & Pinta is unique in that we offer both strategic consulting and facilitated learning in the field of business travel. Our ability to deliver global market intelligence, combined with our collective expertise is unparalleled.

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August 2018 – Nina & Pinta, Topaz International and Dots & Lines Form Global Network, The Nina & Pinta Group

Strategic Partnership Brings Together Travel Management Consulting, Training, Auditing, and Marketing and Communications Expertise

The partners of Nina & Pinta, Dots & Lines, and Topaz International announced today the formation of a new global network, The Nina & Pinta Group, serving clients in the managed travel space…..

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August 2018 – New Air Data Dashboard Solution Launched by Nina & Pinta

Pioneering Solution Provides Clients with Flexible Offerings for Air Sourcing Requirements, from Self-Service to Full Sourcing

The new solution helps drive informed …..

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Bespoke training session testimonials

Very informative and perfectly explained
Interaction helped to keep the session more interesting and put information learnt into practice
Enthusiastic and engaging
Really helped and learnt a lot
I had a call from a procurement consultant the afternoon of the training and felt very confident in how to communicate effectively.
I thought putting us into the shoes of a procurement person was an excellent. It took my head out of being a TMC and forced me to look at things from a procurement perspective
Better understanding of procurement teams, lifted some of the uncertainty – more thought need to be given to actual approach
Great insight to a department that before the training I didn’t really know much about.
I definitely benefited from the training and have an understanding I never had previously.
I was very impressed with both trainer’s knowledge and the fact that they had hands on industry experience.
I found that really engaging the knowledge that you had of procurement and invaluable insight to help us get in to the heads of procurement departments. Great!
Fantastic! Chris and Jo are both highly knowledgeable and had a lot of suggestions that we as a company can go forward with
They made you feel very comfortable and able to speak freely and honestly.
Both were very professional but easy to talk to, the atmosphere was relaxed which made interaction easier.
An inspiring and encouraging workshop with two highly approachable and knowledgeable presenters. Looking forward to learning more from you both.
I initially wasn’t sure if I would benefit from this course, but having now completed it, I now have a clearer picture in my head of procurement. Chris and Jo are both lovely and work very well together. Thanks a lot guys
Very enjoyable course with great interaction
I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and passion that both Jo and Chris displayed and encouraged about not only the procurement process but also how we as a company can succeed.
Great insight in to their strategic approach, their relationship with travel teams plus the perception challenges.
Very informative and interesting
It was really useful to get the insight of the buying/RFP process from the procurement side.
They had a good background having worked in the TMC, Corporate and Consulting environment.
Relaxed, open, willing to share own opinion and listen to others.
Really good interaction and the relaxed style encouraged the delegates to engage.
I thought putting us into the shoes of a procurement person was an excellent. It took my head out of being a TMC and forced me to look at things from a procurement perspective
The course really helped to change the way I would plan future engagement with procurement and how I would be more proactive in handling potential pushbacks.
Can’t wait for my next RFP!
Excellent course
Overall a very useful course.
It was a valuable learning experience

Industry Workshop Testimonials

I enjoyed the learning experience – thank you Jo! .
A pleasure to be a part of the workshop
Very informative on the other side of an RFP process
A very good course that has given me a different view
I really enjoyed the course. Jo is a very good presenter and makes learning so much more exciting. I would recommend this course

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